The Art of Sample Making: An Interview with Elkan


In a recent episode of “Spill Your Sauce,” we had the pleasure of hosting Elkan, a London-based sample maker who has been making waves in the music industry. Known for his work with artists like Metro Boomin, Young Thug and Russ, Elkan has quickly become one of the most sought-after talents in the field.

Early Beginnings

Elkan’s journey into the world of music production began when he was introduced to FL Studio by his uncle, an artist from Sierra Leone. Although initially uninterested, Elkan eventually found himself drawn to the software, leading him to download the demo version and start making beats.

“The first time I saw FL Studio was when I was around like eight to ten… I remember one of my uncles… he came to England and lived in our house… and I remember him just opening up like – yo this is FL Studio, I make songs in this thing.”

His interest in sample making was sparked by a class he took with Eli Brown, a well-known figure in the music production community. This class opened Elkan’s eyes to the potential of samples and inspired him to push the boundaries of what was possible.

“I saw Eli Brown post a sample on Twitter and it blew me away. I reached out to him about his class and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to learn from him. It completely changed my perspective on what could be achieved with samples.”

Watch Elkan flip a sample.

The Power of Collaboration

Elkan believes in the power of collaboration and sees it as a key aspect of modern music production. He cites a quote from Mike Will Made It, who said, “You don’t get an extra Grammy for doing it alone.” This philosophy has led Elkan to work with numerous other producers, creating a sense of community and friendly competition that pushes everyone to improve.

“Collaboration is so important. I remember Mike Will Made It saying that you don’t get an extra Grammy for doing it by yourself. That really resonated with me. People often shy away from collaboration, but it’s all about making music together.”

One of the highlights of the interview was when Elkan broke down the creation of one of his samples. He explained how he started with simple chords, added vocals, and then layered additional elements on top. The result was a complex, richly textured sample that showcased Elkan’s skill and creativity.

“I started with simple chords, then added vocals. I wanted to bring back the nostalgia of the original sample, so I layered additional elements on top. The result was a richly textured sample that I’m really proud of.”

Community and Future Plans

Elkan’s success is a testament to his talent, hard work, and innovative approach to music production. But he also credits his success to the community he’s found in the music industry. Working with producers like Rio, Nick Mira, and Taz, has been a source of inspiration and motivation for him.

Elkan’s story is a reminder that with passion and a willingness to push boundaries, it’s possible to make a significant impact in the music industry. His innovative approach to sample making has not only earned him placements with major artists but also helped him carve out a unique niche in the world of music production. As he continues to create and collaborate, there’s no doubt that we’ll be hearing more from Elkan in the future.

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This blog article is based on the interview with Elkan on our “Spill Your Sauce” podcast. For more insights from Elkan, watch the full interview here.

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