Simon Servida: Redefining Music Production for the YouTube Generation

In the third season of our ‘Spill Your Sauce’ series, we delve into the life of Toronto-based music producer and content creator, Simon Servida. His musical journey began early, sparked by piano lessons that provided a foundational understanding of music. Later in high school, he discovered his passion for creating beats through FL Studio, a passion that eventually guided him towards a deeper study of music theory.

Embracing YouTube as a Launchpad

Simon’s early career wasn’t without struggles. Facing multiple rejections for placements and internships, he instead saw opportunity in adversity. He harnessed his free time at home to kickstart his brand on YouTube, identifying the platform as a practical tool to share his knowledge with aspiring musicians.

As Simon himself said, “In every adversity, there’s a seed of equivalent opportunity. For me, that was YouTube.”

When asked about the role of branding for producers, Simon emphasized its criticality. “Branding is everything,” he said, pointing out how platforms like YouTube and TikTok offer extensive exposure for zero cost, allowing creators to reach and influence broad audiences.

Diversifying Content

Simon’s creative efforts extend beyond YouTube. He’s developed a course named “Pro Level Beats,” a comprehensive guide for beginner and intermediate producers keen to enhance their music production skills, particularly in music theory.

According to Simon, “Understanding the ‘why’ behind sounds and harmonies can give you a creative edge. It’s like having a box of rules that you can play with and occasionally step outside of.”

Simon also delved into the tech world, collaborating on a music plugin. Although not a techie, this venture offered him a deeper understanding of user experience and its crucial role in successful product creation.

A Unique Blend of Education and Entertainment

With just five years on YouTube, Simon’s channel has gathered an impressive following of 700,000 subscribers. When asked about his success, he emphasized his unique personality and focus on entertainment as key. His aim is to keep viewers engaged, irrespective of their musical background.

Simon succinctly stated, “Education and entertainment aren’t mutually exclusive. You can learn a lot while having fun, and that’s what I strive to deliver through my content.”

In essence, Simon Servida’s journey exemplifies the power of passion, perseverance, and personality. His story serves as an inspiration for all aspiring musicians and content creators, encouraging them to follow their unique paths. With his brand continually evolving, we eagerly anticipate what Simon Servida will accomplish next.

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This blog article is based on our interview with Simon Servida on “Spill Your Sauce.” For more insights from Simon, watch the full interview here.