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Creator Spotlight: Sam Brodie (+ Free Samples)

At WAVS, we pride ourselves on curating the best talents in the music production world, and this month, we’re turning the spotlight onto a real gem: Sam Brodie. Hailing from Scotland, Sam isn’t just a typical artist; he’s a musical virtuoso signed to Sony Music Publishing UK.

If you’re a regular on the WAVS marketplace, Sam’s name won’t be new to you. His highly recognizable vocal samples have not only set our platform abuzz but also propelled him into the prestigious TOP 50 sellers on WAVS. That’s no small feat, especially when you consider the sheer talent and variety of creators we house.

What sets Sam apart? It’s a fusion of introspective lyrics with melodies that linger long after the song ends. His production style is a flavorful cocktail of indie rock, pop-punk, and hip-hop influences. Each track feels like a journey, and Sam is your guide through his musical landscape, one that defies genres and challenges the norm.

For those with an ear out for some “free samples“, we’ve got a treat that’s music to your ears: Sam Brodie is gifting us with a free sample pack titled “Ear.. Candy.” The name itself promises an auditory treat, and knowing Sam’s penchant for delivering stellar sounds, this is one giveaway you won’t want to miss. Download Sam’s free samples below:

free sample pack

Download Link: Ear Candy

So, to all our music enthusiasts, producers, and creators – dive into the world of Sam Brodie on WAVS. And don’t forget to grab your “Ear Candy” while it lasts. Here’s to melodies, memories, and the magic of music!