Stringing Together Success: Aaron Paris’ Journey from String Player to Grammy-Nominated Producer

In our recent episode of “Spill Your Sauce,” a music show by producers for producers, Grammy-nominated producer Aaron Paris shared insights into his journey, his creative process, and his experiences working with industry giants like Drake, Kanye West, and Roddy Ricch.

Early Beginnings

Aaron Paris, a Toronto-based producer, started his musical journey with the violin, which later became an integral part of his production style. His unique blend of traditional string instruments with modern production techniques has set him apart in the industry.

One of the highlights of Paris’s career was his collaboration with Drake and DJ Khaled on the Grammy-nominated track “No Secret.” The opportunity came about through a series of connections and collaborations, starting with his work with Rex, a fellow producer. Paris and Rex had been working together, creating a wealth of music, when one of their ideas was picked up by Preme, who then recorded a demo and got it to Drake. Paris described the experience as surreal, especially since he didn’t know which of their ideas had been used until the song was released.

Working with major artists

In addition to his work with Drake, Paris also contributed to Kanye West’s album “Donda 2.” The track he worked on was initially a jam session with Chris and Luca in Chris’s basement, which was later flipped into a sample. The sample was then picked up by Sean Leon, who worked closely with Kanye, and eventually made its way onto the album. Paris described the experience as “super legendary.”

Paris also shared his experience working on the string arrangement for Roddy Rich’s “Live Life Fast.” The opportunity came through Rex, who invited Paris to LA. Paris described the process of creating the arrangement, starting with a MIDI arrangement before recording the strings. He also mentioned that he often uses a combination of analog gear and VSTs in his production process.

Networking and Building Connections

When asked about his approach to networking and building connections in the industry, Paris emphasized the importance of authenticity and finding your unique voice. He credited Instagram as a valuable tool for networking, but stressed that it’s not just about posting content, but about sharing your passion and what you uniquely bring to the table.

Paris’s journey offers valuable insights for aspiring producers. His emphasis on authenticity, his willingness to experiment and learn, and his ability to leverage his unique skills have all contributed to his success in the industry.

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This blog article is based on the interview with Aaron Paris on “Spill Your Sauce.” For more insights from Aaron Paris, watch the full interview here.