July 16, 2021


Beatsbycarpp Sample Clearance

If selling a beat through beatstars containing beatsbycarpp’s samples you are required to split percentage equally with beatsbycarpp plus the producer(s) involved on the loop. (Beatstars name is below)

If a record is placed with a Major Artist or Label using the sample(s) in this kit, you agree to splitting the
publishing, mechanicals, points & advance fees with beatsbycarpp & the producers involved on the record. Production (or Co-Production) must be credited to beatsbycarpp plus the producer(s) involved on the loop.

Credit is required as (Prod. *YourNameHere* x beatsbycarpp).

Email - [email protected]

IG - @beatsbycarpp

BeatStars Name: beatsbycarpp

Side Quest (130 bpm_Dm) @beatsbycarpp.wav


z (BONUS) Blur (156 bpm_Fm) @beatsbycarpp.wav


You Should Know (89 bpm_Fm) @beatsbycarpp x @imregii.wav


Phobia (120 bpm_Am) @beatsbycarpp x @imregii.wav


Outbreak (113 bpm_Em) @beatsbycarpp.wav


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