Vagosrose: the Rising Star of WAVS

As a young up-and-comer from Russia, Vagosrose started his musical journey back in 2019, at the ripe age of 16. He joined WAVS in October 2023 and initially published his pack Vagosrose Vol. 2 which instantly propelled him and gave him his first top 10 sample on the platform. ‘Mournful’ is the fastest rising sample in the history of WAVS, currently sitting as the 8th most downloaded sample of all time on the platform. With so many high quality samples, and as our most recent creator spotlight, we had a chat with Vagosrose and discussed a myriad of interesting topics, from whether there are geographical limits to where you’re from in music, to his favorite VSTs, effect chains and methods of music production.

1. First off, who is Vagosrose? How old are you and how long have you been producing for?


2. Since you’re from Russia, is it hard to break through internationally and how has your experience in doing so been so far? How important have all online platforms been for your career?

3. You’ve had a total of 6 releases with UNKWN Sounds, how has your experience been so far? How important are sample libraries and sample marketplaces as a producer?

4. Listening through your samples, which are of extraordinary high quality, there’s an ever-present organic feeling in your music, especially with your strings, they sound very real even if they come from VSTs. How does your process look like, how long does it take you to complete a sample and what does your VST/effects chain look like?

5. What are some VSTs or packs that you feel can improve a producer’s sound instantly? Is there a specific chain containing some of your favorite VSTs that you would like to recommend?

6. Can producers make a living from selling samples? Is there anything you would recommend focusing on besides chasing placements and selling sample packs?

7. What’s next for Vagosrose? How do you envision your next few years are going to look like?

sample vagosrose’s catalog here.