Ben Heet

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Music Producer/Sample Maker



No Idea 130 Bpm (@_benheet) A# Minor.wav

Ben Heet

Antidote 116 Bpm (@_benheet) F Minor.wav

Ben Heet

Cardigan 90 Bpm (@_benheet) C# Minor.wav

Ben Heet

Sky Blue 131 Bpm (@_benheet) E Minor.wav

Ben Heet

Death Valley 102 Bpm (@_benheet) .wav

Ben Heet

Love Isn't Enough 174 Bpm (@_benheet) F# Minor.wav

Ben Heet

Mystery Lady 139 Bpm (@_benheet) C Minor.wav

Ben Heet

Skies 155 Bpm (@_benheet) G# Minor.wav

Ben Heet

Sun Don't Shine 102 Bpm (@_benheet) C# Minor.wav

Ben Heet

Shooters 140 Bpm (@_benheet) B Minor.wav

Ben Heet

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