This Pack Contains 12 High Quality Samples created by @Beats by Kimpe and me. Stems are included at the end of each Sample. Enjoy !

In case of a Major placement ​using the sample(s), you will split the publishing, royalties, mechanicals, points & advance fees with Din0 and kimpe fairly and Production (or Co-Production) must be credited.

Rover 94 bpm F Minor @prod.din0 X @beatsbykimpe.wav

Din0, Kimpe

Vecna 138 bpm D Minor @prod.din0 X @beatsbykimpe.wav

Din0, Kimpe

Never Look Back 90 bpm C# Minor @prod.din0 X @beatsbykimpe.wav

Din0, Kimpe

Affirmations 145 bpm D Minor @prod.din0 [email protected]

Din0, Kimpe

Baked 111 bpm F Minor @prod.din0 X @beatsbykimpe.wav

Din0, Kimpe

Eleven 94 bpm C# Major @prod.din0 X @beatsbykimpe.wav

Din0, Kimpe

Elevating 118 bpm D# Minor @prod.din0 X @beatsbykimpe.wav

Din0, Kimpe

Obsession 93 bpm F Minor @prod.din0 X @beatsbykimpe.wav

Din0, Kimpe

Hold You Tight 90 bpm G# Minor @prod.din0 X @beatsbykimpe.wav

Din0, Kimpe

Nevermind 95 bpm A Minor @prod.din0 X @beatsbykimpe.wav

Din0, Kimpe

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