February 10, 2021


GOIAS 'Lollipop' Breaks is the first volume of drum breaks we will be releasing.

30 ALL ORIGINAL DRUM BREAKS full of character to make your life easier and your beats sweeter.
You can expect tasteful, funky, old school "vintage" style break beats and grooves that will bring the ultimate texture to your music.

This batch of ROYALTY-FREE drum breaks were played live using one of the most versatile drum sets ever made (Gretsch Renown) paired with some Meinl Byzance Vintage Sand Cymbals. Each break was recorded using only two mic set ups with various types of tuning/dampening, percussive elements and different drum sticks (wooden tips, brushes, mallets, etc...) providing you a plethora of sugary hi-hats, thumpy kicks, dirty snares and punchy off-the-grid rhythms for you to choose!

For processing the real drum recordings we used several plugins (mainly Waves and SoundToys) to emulate the sweet vintage drum sounds that we are looking for in this 'Lollipop' Breaks series.

25. Pica-Pau Break_7[email protected]


GOIAS Lollipop Breaks Vol.1_Preview.wav


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